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Apr 22, 2008

Earth Day cruise; Flandreau, SD

My daughters and I headed up to Flandreau, SD on Saturday, April 19th for a short canoe trip with the South Dakota Canoe Kayak Association. It was their first event of the season and my first time paddling with a big group! We had a good time, and while I certainly will not abandon my quiet solo trips, there were some real advantages to sharing the experience with others. Knowing someone else already scouted out the route puts your mind at ease, especially when you have your kids along. I made the mistake last summer of taking on a section of the Cheyenne river - not being familiar with the course at all, and my kids will never forgive me for dragging them into THAT experience! I will post a separate account of that journey on this blog.

I managed to get a few nice pictures of Saturday's trip. I think the Big Sioux River is one of my favorite. This particular 7-8 miles of river is farther north than other sections I've floated and I found there were fewer places for just pulling over to let the kids run about. Farther south, along the Newton Hills region there are many rocky, sandy places to dock and I rather enjoy that option.

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