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Apr 16, 2008

Carving out my "niche"

Rivers need a course to run on and by their nature seek out places that will give them passage. Our hearts and beliefs too, spring forth from deep places and look for an avenue to flow in: Through a deep canyon, a quiet meadow, the rolling hills of a prairie pasture or perhaps tumbling over the rocks of a mountainous place waters will gush forth.

Spiritually speaking, perhaps the most rewarding place for streams of consciousness to issue forth is within the context of loving, nurturing relationships. As the years flow swiftly by on the current of time, one begins to hope there is some part of themselves that will leave a lasting mark on the face of this earth.

I have poured my heart and passion into photographing and writing about the places (physical and spiritual) that have given my wanderings in life substance and depth. Being able to share that with others, even though they may be strangers at the time, is the greatest joy in life.

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